How do I get paid and how long does it take?

You will receive your money to your bank account from your Factoring company OR from shippers and brokers directly. We have no access to it, as it is booked under your US DOT & MC Authority. Pay out time is usually 24-48 hours after the load is dropped depending on who you factor with.

We can also contact the shipper directly on your behalf for a quick pay.

How does Globus Trucking Services charge me?

We will invoice you once the load is delivered by you and  completely serviced by us.

For Unlimited Plan we invoice you upfront.

How long does it take to get set up?

If you provide all necessary documents, within 2 hours.

What areas can I run?

We can run you in all 48 US States and Canada, as per your preferred lanes.

How long do I have to stay on the road?

This is entirely up to you!

What rates can I average?

This depends on lot of factors viz.: the lanes you run, your time in business, your safety ratings, the market conditions, climatic conditions and number of states you are able to run, etc. We negotiate the best rates for you with brokers and shippers, so you can be assured that we will always provide the best possible rates.

Can I run local/regional?

Yes, as long as you are comfortable, we advise running interstate as it adds on to the weight-age on your MC Authority.

What kind of freight can you book for me to haul?

We book all kind of freight from Chocolates to Airplane Parts. If you have specific request please let us know.

How will you bill me?

We will bill you by PayPal Invoice.

Do I need my own Motor Carrier Authority?

Yes. Unless you are leased to a carrier and just need assistance dispatching your current shipments. In absence of Authority you can only run locally under US-DOT. 

What requirements do you have for carrier setup?

We specialize in working with carriers with new Authority.

We help new carriers to build their MC Authority so they end up getting best rates in the market within initial 3 months.

Certain brokers have a minimum 3 months active criteria for new Authorities.  It does reduce the scope to get loads but we still can get you loads as we are contracted with brokers and shippers who provide work to carriers with new Authority.

Other than that you should have an Active Insurance with 1 Million of Auto Liability and 100,000 of Cargo Coverage.

Do you have a broker license?

No. We do not have broker license and book everything under your authority. By doing so, we cannot “cut” your rate as some broker-dispatch companies do!


For what type of trailer can you book freight?

We specialize in freight booking for all type of trailers viz.: Dry Van, Flatbed, Reefer, Step deck, Power Only, Straight Box Trucks, etc.

I have found dispatcher who charges less. Can you lower your fees?

No. We believe that anyone who is charging less will have to run more trucks to sustain their business, which in return will degrade service quality and lower rates booked for carrier.

We align one dedicated dispatch specialist to each Carrier Account who makes sure that the trucks are constantly on road minting money and each manager just looks into 6 Trucks in order to insure our client is getting highest quality of service at all times.

And by doing so, we basically make our service much more affordable than competition.

Am I going to have a lot of “layover” days where you guys can’t find a load ?

Your truck should never be stopped for lack of a load. It is also important to reduce the empty miles as much as we possibly can.

When you work with Globus Trucking Services, we constantly keep working on your account. Work to negotiate the next load starts as soon as your truck turns in the first load.

We immediately send you the information for the following load.


Does Globus Trucking Services send original rate confirmations ?

A Big Yes! At Globus Trucking Services, Rate Confirmations are forwarded to carriers immediately once received from brokers/shippers. The bookings are done directly on carriers own MC Authority so we have no option to change that.


This is one of the reasons why we are recognized as a very transparent and honest company by many of our clients.

You will always know exactly how much each load is paying.

You can even call the client yourself directly to confirm that the price you are seeing on the confirmation is the real price for the freight.

Please remember that we work for your company. 

How much do you charge?

We have three plans. Kindly check our Plans section for complete details.

I want Globus Trucking Services to be my dispatcher right now, what do I need to get started ?

The process to get started is relatively easy , all we need is your letter of authority (MC/DOT), Copy of Insurance Certificate (Cargo and Auto Liability) and W9.

Apart from these documents we also need our “Dispatch Service Agreement” signed and returned. This is the contract between Globus Trucking Services and your company.

When we have the documents and contracts signed we can start working immediately. The entire process should take less anytime between 2-24 hours provided all the required is sent by you.

Why is it so important to have a good truck dispatcher ?

Having a good truck dispatcher that works with your company is one of the keys to having a successful trucking business. Without a solid truck dispatcher your business will most likely fail.

If you are an owner operator you need to be focused on driving. Driving trucks is not an easy job and it requires attention and concentration.

On the other hand, finding loads, (good paying loads) is not an easy job either. It requires a lot of time, paperwork, phone calls , documentation. dedication, etc. etc.

It is simply impossible to do both jobs equally well at the same time. There is just not enough time in a day to be able to do both things at the same time. Not to mention the insane levels of stress that both jobs can bring.

A good truck dispatcher allows you to focus on driving and taking care of the mechanical aspect of your truck, the logbooks, inspections, etc. etc. In turn, the dispatcher takes care of sending you all of the trip information and booking the highest quality loads for you.

While you are driving to make your deliveries on time we are working for you. We are finding the best loads and making sure that your truck runs the least amount of empty miles that it can possibly run.

I have been told that a good truck dispatcher can tremendously increase the revenues and profit of any trucking company is that true ?

Definitely, when you have a good truck dispatcher you can concentrate on growing your business, adding trucks, looking for other drivers, getting better deals on insurance, etc. etc..

The owner operators that are driving while at the same time finding their own loads do not have time to grow a trucking business past 1 truck. On the contrary, the owner operator that has a truck dispatcher working for him has sufficient time to investigate and invest in the growth of his company.

What is ‘Globus Trucking Services’ Mission ?

Our mission is to offer the best truck dispatch services in the world.

Our job is to guarantee the best loads for your truck and coordinate the movement of your truck in such a way as to reduce time stopped and empty miles.

We want you to be able to focus on making your pickups and deliveries on time and for you to drive knowing in the back of your head that you have a great team of professionals representing your company and finding the best loads in the United States and Canada at all times.

If you are looking for truck dispatch services of the highest quality get in contact with Globus Trucking Services right now.

We want to be your truck dispatchers.