We know that it is difficult to make money and that is why we charge only a small fee for the loads that we find for you.

Whether you have a ‘hands on’ business approach & need assistance on just one load or you rather have us handle everything, the choice is yours.

We can customize our dispatching services to meet your needs.

You know what you want and we are available to work for you as per your business needs. 

We DO NOT charge any deposit or any sort of UP FRONT payment from our carriers. 

We understand that you need to get paid first from the Broker/Shipper hence we invoice you on weekly basis so that by then you already got paid on the loads that we provided and serviced for you. 

We trust you for our payments.

For all the services that we offer you, we charge a service fee of 5% of the Rate Con Value to a minimum of $50.98 for each load that we provide you. i.e. Any load valued less than $1000 will be charged at $50.98 and any load over $1000 will be charged at 5% of the Rate Con Value.